Soil Testing

In North Carolina, most soils are acidic and low in nutrients. In our area, it can be different than the soil 50 feet away.

Why should I test my soil?

A soil test can provide vital information on the proper amount of lime and fertilizer to apply to your lawn, garden and other areas of your landscape. When gardeners apply only as much lime and fertilizer as is necessary and at the appropriate time, nutrient runoff into surface or ground water is minimized, money is saved and plant health is optimized. Soil testing can also be used to diagnose common nutrient deficiencies or toxicities for plants that are growing poorly.

Where to get a soil test kit?

Soil test kits are available at the Cabarrus County Cooperative Extension office, 715 Cabarrus Ave-West, Concord. Both instructions and a soil collecting box are included in the kit.

For more information on the soil testing process please call the office at (704) 920-3310 or visit NCDA&CS Agronomic Divisions website at


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